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Little Lab 
Menu design and mural painting
Creative direction, design, concept and production.

Mural painting and menu design for Little Lab, an award winning cocktail bar located in soho, Central, Hong Kong. The idea of the mural is to illustrate some of their signature drinks. Little Lab is famous for its Asian fusion cocktails. In the middle is a mask inspired by the ancient Chinese guard sculptures. On each sides are my take on Little Lab's best seller, Queen Elixir (left) and the 'Black Pearl' (right).


For the menu, I pitched 3 designs for Little Lab. To go with their industrial Brooklyn chic, I suggested to burn the menu onto a wooden board. The second idea is to create a simple and clean menu to go with 'little lab' as the name little lab gives a sleek, modern laborary vibe so I created the white leather cover menu. For the third idea, I make use of the mural I painted at the back of the bar to create a kaleidoscope inspired illustration for the cover of the menu. The second image is a product shot of the menu.

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